In the course of the expansion of Jahnschule to an all day school, further premises were required to provide adequate teaching facilities. The existing school building from the 1960s was therefore extended with a three-story classroom construction onto the west side of the building with rooms of around 65 sq. m. The existing free-standing steel staircase was rotated through 90 degrees and reattached to the new school building. The new classrooms had to be ready at the beginning of the school year in September 2012.

The new classrooms had to be constructed, within the 6 weeks summer holidays of 2012, the local authorities of Unterhaching chose a timber construction, because of its fast track construction time which also reduces the need long drying out times.

The walls are made of solid cross-layered timber with external insulation and a curtain-wall fiber-cement boarding. The walls and the ceilings are prefabricated elements which were constructed on site within 3 days. The use of timber construction is positive from a ecological point of view, massive timber removes a large amount of carbon dioxide from the air conditioning circulation. 

Gemeinde Unterhaching

Gross Floor Area
280 m²

Planning-/ Construction time