Vitalia Logistic Center

Weyarn, Bavaria

The new headquarters for Vitalia the health food firm is situated in Weyarn close to the A8 motorway. The complex, consisting of a central storage warehouse and office wing, required storage space for up to seven thousand articles. The central hall has tall storage racks with an adjacent commissioning area.

The daily delivery of fresh products to Vitalia`s 120 branches required the provision of deep-freezing and refrigeration rooms. 16 refrigerated docking spaces ensure the movement of goods from the refrigerated area to the delivery lorries. Building services and automation tailored to suit the exact needs of the occupant resulted in the high flexibility and optimal utilization of the floor-space. The complex also includes as lecture training area, a company refractory and a health shop.

Great care was taken to ensure minimum impact on the local environment by sinking the building into the landscape. Consideration was given into blending the building into nature with extensive landscaping and site remodeling, resulting in an environmentally balanced and contemporary design.

Capital & Concept GmbH & Co. Vitaliapark KG

Complete building area
17.600 m²

Cubic Volume
174.000 m³

Planning-/ Construction time