Urban Masterplan Design Rizhao

Province Shandong, China

International design competition for a new city centre for Rizhao in China. The city centre of Rizhao, a conglomeration of three smaller towns, aims to reinvent itself with a distinctive new identity. The new central zone should show that Rizhao is a modern, cosmopolitan and future orientated city.

The zone takes on the form of rays of sunlight radiating outwards into the surrounding districts. Streets and paths radiate from the center forming interesting urban zones and squares. The cities coastal location inspired the design of both the buildings and landscaping,  taking on the themes of the sea and wave movement. Three tall skyscrapers, inspired by sailing ship sails, symbolize the three old towns, these towers dominate the surrounding property.

The towers are docked on Beijing Road, the cities port is represented by the orthogonal water basins. The skyscrapers will become landmarks in the cities central zone, rising up to thirty four storeys tall the towers designate the new city centre of Rizhao.

Stadt Rizhao, Shandong Provinz

Study zone
6,6 km²

Planning time