OCO - Office Center


Office Centre Oberhaching is located in a southern Munich suburb. Located at the entrance into the industrial area this H-shape building evokes a modern impression within the heterogeneous group of the surrounding buildings.
The building consist of two three-storey office wings with a centrally placed four storey access zone which opens out onto a central plaza and to the rear an enclosed garden area. Floating above the glazed ground floor level are the two white aluminum cladded „office-boxes“ which heighten the contrast bet¬ween light and heavy, open and closed.
The centrally placed top fourth floor consists of a glazed conference and meeting terrace level providing su¬perb southern views to the Bavarian Alps. At the core of the building is the two storey entrance hall acting as a high quality interior public space, from here two access cores provide access to the flexible floor layouts.
A maximum of four rental units can be arranged for each floor level, generating a flexible workspace in a modern building surrounding.

Office Center Oberhaching GmbH

Complete building area
4.150 m²

Planning-/ Construction time
2008 - 2009

Construction Phases
1 - 5