Wasserburg am Inn, Germany

With the construction of the new central depot, one of the City Museum's ardent wishes after a long period of preparation has finally come true. Not only is the museum in the city center bursting at the seams, the collection items from many centuries, which are distributed over several emergency shelters, are not stored there under ideal conditions. But now these ideal conditions will prevail in the new depot with a minimal expenditure of energy. For this purpose, the building is partially buried in the ground and made of thick, core-insulated precast concrete parts using a modular construction method. State-of-the-art storage technology, a multi-purpose room for viewing, documentation and restoration of collection items and the special construction make this building in passive house standard a showcase project.

Stadt Wasserburg am Inn

Complete building area
1.305 m²

Planning and Construction

Construction Phases
1 - 8