Munich, Germany

Framed by Schleißheimer Strasse in the west, Bamberger Strasse in the south and Luitpoldpark in the east is the residential complex from the 1960s, which the well-known Munich construction company Riepl built according to modern standards with lifts and spacious balconies for each apartment. The only drawback of the inner courtyard, which is still loved by its residents, was that almost half of it was lowered to basement level and served as a tarred driveway for garages and rubbish spots. With the loft extension in Gernotstrasse and the addition of storeys to the other two building blocks, an underground car park with 35 parking spaces will also be built, which will allow the entire inner courtyard to be planted with greenery and generous play areas for children and storage areas and shelters for bicycles to be created.

Jargonnant Partners S.A.

Living space
2.200 m²

Planning and Construction
2019 - 2022

Construction Phases
1 - 5