Bavarian International School - Cafeteria


The new cafeteria of the Bavarian International School (BIS) is together with the Auditorium is at the heart of the school. In close cooperation with the interior designers Markus Benesch, ASA architects have developed a coherent overall concept for the new central area.
The Cafeteria complements the existing Middle school and pavilion buildings, to the west of the entrance hall. By the sensitive integration into the surrounding buildings the auditorium forms a harmonious overall complex.
The cafeteria is characterized by its special qualities, zones and integrated interior room furniture. On the one side you are invited to sit within the high backed seats, on the other are the coloured storage bins for school satchels. On the whole they convey imperceptibly between the different levels of the room.
The completely glazed south-facing facade extends the interior space out into the Schlosspark and towards the River Amper. Large sliding doors on the South-West facing side of the building are opened in the summer fusing the interior with the external spacious terrace and offering the possibility to eat outside.
The upper floor space is the large new library area. The library offers views towards the river Amper providing an atmosphere to meet the requirements for mental clarity and freshness. The library is surrounded by a large rooftop terrace, inviting readers outside in the summer. In addition the upper floor has rooms for music lessons and student study areas.

Bavarian International School, Haimhausen

Complete building area
3.600 m²

Planning-/ Construction time
2010 - 2011

Planning Phases
1 - 9