ALC - Airport Logistic Center

Munich, Germany

Airport Logistic Centre in Schwaig consists of two back to back logistic halls separated by a central firewall with uninterrupted floor spaces of 10,000sqm. Each hall has 26 lorry docking bays for the delivery of goods. Recently the halls storage area has since been increased by the insertion of two new open steelwork levels.
A further 5,400sqm Mezzanine area over the docking bays is used as extra storage and office space. Two office wings are connected onto the hall at each side of the building. The three story offices have direct access into the halls and frame the entrance to the lorry delivery space. At the initial design stage, a sustainability concept was conceived for the project.
The concrete flooring was laid free of reinforced steelwork and extra energy saving natural roof lighting was incorporated into the roof structure. On the south facing roof 10,000sqm of photovoltaics provided enough energy to power 500 homes for a year.

Cosinus Grundbesitzverwaltungs GbR, Baldham

Complete building area
30.800 m²

Planning-/ Construction time
2004 - 2005